About Peter

Treacle Lane has a fun, feel-good quality to their work. Click on these clients for a couple of our favourite examples: Woolworths Insurance and the award winning Houdini.

Treacle Lane Studio was founded by award winning director Peter Mether. It was created by the need to bring a nimble, yet highly skilled production service to Australia. For each job, we call in the most talented crew and producers to suit the budget enabling TL to deliver the best possible outcome.

Peter is predominantly known as a performance director, specialising in dialogue driven commercials and working with actors and children. He is also known as the go to director, when you need strong improvised and natural dialogue performances from non-actors, like these guys from My Kitchen Rules. He also has extensive experience, plus take personal pleasure, in making food and car commercials.

Treacle Lane may at the core be film-geeks but they also love hanging out with cool fearless stuntmen like Gulliver Page, and together have produced videos for World Record attempts like Scuba-SkyDiving, which achieved global media coverage.

We are able to provide full production services. Drop Peter a line directly, and let us do for you what we did for Woolworths InsuranceHyundai and Arnotts Biscuits.

For a quick overview of our most recent work you can check out the Demo Reel.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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